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    Order Code Order Code
Akai  MX1000 KB48 KC8
Akai S1000KB KB48 KC8
Alesis Andromeda KB45 KC5
Alesis Andromeda A6 KB45 KC5
Alesis DG9 KB48 KC8
Alesis Fusion 6 HD KB44 KC4
Alesis Fusion 8 HD KB48S KC8
Alesis ION KB44 KC4
Alesis Micron KB42 KC2
Alesis Photon 25 KB48S KC8
Alesis Photon X25 KB42 KC2
Alesis Photon X49 KB44S KC4
Alesis QS1 KB44S KC4
Alesis QS6 KB44S KC4
Alesis QS6.2 KB44S KC4
Alesis QS7 KB46S KC6
Alesis QS71 KB46S KC6
Alesis QS8 KB48 KC8
Alesis QS8.2 KB48 KC8
Alesis QS81 KB47S KC7
Alesis Quadrasynt KB47S KC6
BCK C37 KB42 KC2
BCK Garage Key KB42 KC2
BCK MIDI Master Plus KB43 KC3
BCK MIDI Plus 61 KB44S KC4
BCK MIDIControl 2 KB43 KC3
BCK MIDIStudio 2 KB43 KC3
BCK Pro 61 KB44S KC4
BCK X-tremecontrol KB42 KC2
Blue Chip DB100 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AT818 ------ ------
Bontempi AT919 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AX1800 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AZ1250 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AZ6100 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AZ6200 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AZ7500 KB45 KC5
Bontempi AZ8500 KB45 KC5
Bontempi BT805 ----- -----
Bontempi KS3400 KB41  
Bontempi KS4400 KB42 KC2
Bontempi KS4600 KB42 KC2
Bontempi KS5400 -------- ------
Bontempi KS5600 ------- -----
Bontempi NK8200 ------- -----
Bontempi NK8600 ----- -----
Bontempi RX2200 KB45 KC5
CME M-Key KB43 KC3
CME UF8    
CME UF80    
CME VX5    
CME VX6    
CME VX7    
CME VX8    
Casio AL100R - -
Casio AP10    
Casio AP20    
Casio AP21 KB48  
Casio AP22S    
Casio AP24 KB48 KC8
Casio AP25 - -
Casio AP28    
Casio AP33 KB48 KC8
Casio AP38 KB48 KC8
Casio AP40 - -
Casio AP45 KB48 KC8
Casio AP500 KB48 KC8
Casio AP60R    
Casio AP65R - -
Casio AP80R KB48 KC8
Casio CA100 KB43 KC3
Casio CA110 KB43 KC3
Casio CDP100 KB48S KC8
Casio CK30 KB46 KC6
Casio CPS120 KB45 KC5
Casio CPS300 KB44 KC4
Casio CPS50 ----- -----
Casio CPS50S KB47 KC7
Casio CPS60 ----- -----
Casio CPS7 KB46S KC6
Casio CPS700 KB47 KC7
Casio CPS720 KB47 KC7
Casio CPS80 ----- -----
Casio CPS80S KB48 KC8
Casio CPS85 KB48 KC8
Casio CT380 KB43 KC3
Casio CT390 KB44 KC4
Casio CT395 KB43 KC3
Casio CT400 ------ -------
Casio CT420 KB44 KC4
Casio CT450 KB45S KC5
Casio CT460 KB45S KC5
Casio CT470 KB44 KC4
Casio CT6000 KB44 KC4
Casio CT615 KB44 KC4
Casio CT625 KB45S KC5
Casio CT636 KB44 KC4
Casio CT647 KB44 KC4
Casio CT650 KB44 KC4
Casio CT6500 KB47S KC7
Casio CT655 KB45 KC5
Casio CT656 KB45 KC5
Casio CT657 KB44 KC4
Casio CT660 KB44 KC4
Casio CT670 KB44 KC4
Casio CT680 KB44 KC4
Casio CT700 KB44 KC4
Casio CT770 KB45 KC5
Casio CT805 KB44 KC4
Casio CT840 ----- -----
Casio CTK100 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK1000 KB45 KC5
Casio CTK120 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK150 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK200 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK230 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK300 ----- -----
Casio CTK330 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK401 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK411 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK431 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK450 KB44S KC4
Casio CTK451 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK471 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK480 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK481 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK485 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK491 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK495 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK496 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK50 KB43 KC3
Casio CTK500 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK501 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK510 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK511 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK519 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK520L KB44 KC4
Casio CTK530 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK531 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK540 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK541 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK550 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK551 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK560L KB44 KC4
Casio CTK571 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK573 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK591 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK601 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK611 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK630 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK631 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK650 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK651 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK671 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK680 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK691 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK700 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK710 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK711EX KB46 KC6
Casio CTK731 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK750 KB45 KC5
Casio CTK80 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK800 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK810 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK811EX KB46 KC6
Casio CTK900 KB44 KC4
Casio CTK930 KB46S KC6
Casio CTX1 KB45 KC5
Casio CZ3000 KB45S KC5
Casio CZ5000 KB45S KC5
Casio DJ1 ----- -----
Casio DM100 KB43 KC3
Casio FZ1 KB45S KC5
Casio GK700P KB44 KC4
Casio GZ5 KB41  
Casio GZ500 KB44 KC4
Casio HT3000 KB45S KC5
Casio HT6000 KB45S KC5
Casio HTX10 KB46 KC6
Casio HTX50 KB46 KC6
Casio KS01 KB41 ------
Casio KS02 ------ -----
Casio KT40 ------ ------
Casio KT80 KB45 KC5
Casio LD50 - -
Casio LD80 - -
Casio LK100 KB44 KC4
Casio LK200S KB44 KC4
Casio LK30 KB44 KC4
Casio LK300TV KB44 KC4
Casio LK35 KB44 KC4
Casio LK40 KB44 KC4
Casio LK43 KB44 KC4
Casio LK45 KB44 KC4
Casio LK50 KB44 KC4
Casio LK55 KB44 KC4
Casio LK6 KB41  
Casio LK60 KB44 KC4
Casio LK65 KB44 KC4
Casio LK70S KB44 KC4
Casio LK73 KB46 KC6
Casio LK80 KB46 KC6
Casio LK90TV KB44 KC4
Casio LK93TV KB44 KC4
Casio M300 KB41  
Casio M80 KB41  
Casio MA100 KB42 KC2
Casio MA101 KB42 KC2
Casio MA120 KB42 KC2
Casio MA130 KB42 KC2
Casio MA150 KB42 KC2
Casio MA201 KB42 KC2
Casio MA220 KB42 KC2
Casio ML1 KB41  
Casio ML2 KB41  
Casio MT640 KB43 KC3
Casio MT740 KB43 KC4
Casio MT750 KB44S KC4
Casio MZ2000 KB46 KC6
Casio PA31 KB42 KC2
Casio PA81 KB42 KC2
Casio PL40R KB48S KC8
Casio PS20 KB48S KC8
Casio PT480 KB42 KC2
Casio PT88 kb41 -----
Casio PX100 KB48S KC8
Casio PX110DK KB48S KC8
Casio PX110LB KB48S KC8
Casio PX200 KB48S KC8
Casio PX300 KB48S KC8
Casio PX300L KB48S KC8
Casio PX310 KB48S KC8
Casio PX400R KB48 KC8
Casio PX410R KB48S KC8
Casio PX500L KB48S KC8
Casio PX700 KB48S KC8
Casio PX800    
Casio RAP1 KB42 KC2
Casio RAP10 ----- -----
Casio SA1 KB41 -----
Casio SA10 KB41 -----
Casio SA11 KB41 -----
Casio SA2 KB41  
Casio SA20 KB42 KC2
Casio SA21 KB42 KC2
Casio SA35 KB42 KC2
Casio SA38 KB42 KC2
Casio SA39 KB42 KC2
Casio SA40 KB41  
Casio SA45 KB42 KC2
Casio SA5 KB41 -----
Casio SA6 KB42 KC2
Casio SA65 KB43 KC3
Casio SA67 KB42 KC2
Casio SA75 KB42 KC2
Casio SA8 KB41 -----
Casio SK60 KB41  
Casio TA10 KB42 KC2
Casio VA10 KB42 KC2
Casio VZ1 KB45S KC5
Casio WK110 KB46 KC6
Casio WK1200 KB46 KC6
Casio WK1300 KB46 KC6
Casio WK1350 KB46 KC6
Casio WK1500 KB46S KC6
Casio WK1600 KB47 KC7
Casio WK1630 KB47 KC7
Casio WK1800 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3000 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3200 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3300 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3500 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3700 KB47 KC7
Casio WK3800 KB47 KC7
Casio WK8000ST KB48 KC8
Cheetah Master 5V KB45S KC5
ESI Keycontrol 25    
ESI Keycontrol 49    
ESI Neon    
Edirol KR80    
Edirol PC160A KB42 KC2
Edirol PC180A KB43 KC3
Edirol PC300 KB43 KC3
Edirol PC50 KB43 KC3
Edirol PC70 KB43 KC3
Edirol PC80 KB44S KC4
Edirol PCR-80 KB45S KC5
Edirol PCR-A30 KB42 KC2
Edirol PCR-M1 KB41  
Edirol PCR-M30 KB42 KC2
Edirol PCR-M50 KB43 KC3
Edirol PCR-M80 KB45S KC5
Edirol PCR1 KB41  
Edirol PCR30 KB42 KC2
Edirol PCR300 KB42 KC2
Edirol PCR50 KB43 KC3
Edirol PCR500 KB43 KC3
Edirol PCR800 KB45S KC5
Edirol SK500 KB43 KC3
Emu E-Synth KB47 KC7
Emu EK4 KB47 KC7
Emu EMAX1 KB46 KC6
Emu Emax2 KB46 KC6
Emu PK6 KB45S KC5
Emu X Board 25 KB42 KC2
Emu X Board 49 KB43 KC3
Emu X Board 61    
Ensoniq ASR10 KB45 KC5
Ensoniq Avista    
Ensoniq Esynth    
Ensoniq KS32 KB47 KC7
Ensoniq SQ1 KB45S KC5
Ensoniq SQ2 KB47S KC7
Ensoniq T1ZMO    
Ensoniq TS10 KB45 KC5
Ensoniq TS12 KB48 KC8
Ensoniq VFX KB45S KC5
Ensoniq ZR76 KB48 KC8
Evolution E-Keys KB41  
Evolution E-Keys49 KB43 KC3
Evolution MK225C KB41  
Evolution MK249 KB43 KC3
Evolution MK249C KB43 KC3
Evolution MK361 KB44 KC4
Evolution MK361C KB44 KC4
Evolution MK425C KB41  
Evolution MK449C KB43 KC3
Evolution MK461C KB44 KC4
Evolution PC200 KB43 KC3
Farfisa DE20 KB44 KC4
Farfisa DK115 KB45 KC5
Farfisa DK125 KB45 KC5
Farfisa DK250 KB44 KC4
Farfisa DP18 KB44 KC4
Farfisa DPR22 KB44 KC4
Farfisa F1 KB47 KC7
Farfisa F20 KB45 KC5
Farfisa F5 KB46 KC6
Farfisa F6 KB46 KC6
Farfisa F60 KB45 KC5
Farfisa F7 KB45 KC5
Farfisa F8 KB45 KC5
Farfisa F80 KB45 KC5
Farfisa G7 KB45 KC5
Farfisa TK616 KB44 KC4
Farfisa TK73 KB44 KC4
Farfisa TK75 KB44 KC4
Farfisa TK84 KB44 KC4
Farfisa TK85 KB45 KC4
Fatar SL161PRO KB43 KC3
Fatar SL880 KB48S KC8
Fatar SL990 KB48S KC8
Fatar SL990XP KB48S KC8
Fatar STU110 KB48S KC8
Fatar STU2001 KB48S KC8
Fatar STU49 KB43 KC3
Fatar STU90+ KB48S KC8
Fatar STU900 KB48S KC8
Fatar TMK49 KB43 KC3
Fatar TMK88 KB47S KC7
Fatar VMK149 KB44 KC4
Fatar VMK188 KB48S KC8
Fatar VMK88 KB47S KC7
Fujiha D9 KB46S KC6
General Music CD1 KB44 KC4
General Music CD10 KB44 KC4
General Music CD2 KB44 KC4
General Music CD20 KB44 KC4
General Music CD3 KB44 KC4
General Music CD30 KB44 KC4
General Music Equinox 61 KB46 KC6
General Music Equinox76 KB48 KC8*
General Music GK310 KB44 KC4
General Music GK330 KB44 KC4
General Music GK340 KB44 KC4
General Music GK350 KB44 KC4
General Music Genesys KB46 KC6
General Music Genesys Pro KB46 KC6
General Music Genesys S KB46 KC7
General Music PK5 KB44 KC4
General Music PK7 KB44 KC4
General Music PRO1 KB48S KC8
General Music PRO2 KB48 KC8
General Music PRP6 KB46S KC6
General Music PRP7 KB48S KC8
General Music PRP700 KB48S KC8
General Music PRP8 KB48 KC8
General Music PRP800 KB48S KC8
General Music PX3-11 KB44S KC4
General Music PX5-11 KB44S KC4
General Music PX7-11 KB44S KC4
General Music Promega KB47 KC7
General Music Promega2 KB47 KC7
General Music Promega3 KB48 KC8
General Music RP Basic KB48 KC8
General Music RP Studio    
General Music RP120    
General Music RP15 KB48 KC8
General Music RP150    
General Music RP200    
General Music RP220    
General Music RP6 KB46S KC6
General Music RP60    
General Music RP7    
General Music RP70 KB48 KC8
General Music RP70L    
General Music RP8 KB48 KC8
General Music RP80    
General Music RP90    
General Music S2 KB45S KC5
General Music S3 KB47S KC7
General Music SK76 KB47 KC7
General Music SK760 KB47 KC7
General Music SK760 KB47 KC7
General Music SK88 KB48 KC8
General Music SK880 KB48 KC8
General Music SX2 KB45S KC5
General Music SX3 KB47S KC7
General Music WK1 KB44 KC4
General Music WK1000 KB44 KC4
General Music WK1600 KB47 KC7
General Music WK1800 KB47 KC7
General Music WK2 KB46 KC6
General Music WK2000HD KB46 KC6
General Music WK2000SE KB46 KC6
General Music WK3 KB46 KC6
General Music WK4 KB46 KC6
General Music WK6 KB46 KC6
General Music WK8 KB46 KC6
General Music WS1 KB45S KC5
General Music WS2 KB46 KC6
General Music WX2 KB46 KC6
General Music WX400 ------ ------
Gold Star GEK-S230 KB44 KC4
Gold Star GEK-S325 ----- -----
Gold Star GEK-S330 KB44 KC4
Gold Star GEK-S425 ----- -----
Gold Star GEK-S525 ----- ----
Gold Star GS1000 KB46 KC6
Gold Star GS1500 ----- -----
Gold Star GS900 KB46 KC6
Hammond XB1 KB46S KC6
Hammond XB2 KB46S KC6
Hammond XE1    
Hammond XK1 KB46S KC6
Hammond XK2 KB47 KC7
Hammond XK3 KB46 KC6
Hohner ADAM KB45 KC5
Hohner PSK20 KB43 KC3
Hohner PSK40 KB44 KC4
Hohner PSK45 KB44 KC4
Hohner PSK60 KB45 KC5
Hohner PSK75 KB45 KC5
Hohner PSK75R KB45 KC5
Kawai CA130 KB47 KC7
Kawai CL20 KB48S KC8
Kawai CN270 KB48 KC8
Kawai ES1 KB48S KC8
Kawai ES3 KB48S KC8
Kawai ES4 KB48S KC8
Kawai ES5 KB48S KC8
Kawai FS2000 KB47 KC7
Kawai FS610 KB43 KC3
Kawai FS630 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS640 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS650 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS680 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS730 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS750 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS780 KB44 KC4
Kawai FS800 KB47 KC7
Kawai FS900 KB47 KC7
Kawai K1-2 KB44S KC4
Kawai K11 KB44S KC4
Kawai K4 KB45S KC5
Kawai K5000S KB45S KC5
Kawai K5000W KB45S KC5
Kawai KC10 KB45S KC5
Kawai KC20 KB44S KC4
Kawai KW9000 - -
Kawai L1 KB48S KC8
Kawai MDK61 KB45S KC5
Kawai MP4 KB48S KC8
Kawai MP8    
Kawai MP9000 - -
Kawai MP9500    
Kawai MP9500    
Kawai MS20 KB41 ------
Kawai MS210 KB42 KC2
Kawai MS30 KB41 -----
Kawai MS50 KB42 KC2
Kawai MS510 KB42 KC2
Kawai MS710 KB42 KC2
Kawai MS720 KB42 KC2
Kawai PXG30 KB44 KC4
Kawai SLB110 - -
Kawai SLB110 KB48S KC8
Kawai Spectra KB44S KC4
Kawai WK40 KB43 KC3
Kawai WK50 KB44S KC4
Kawai X20 KB44 KC4
Kawai X30 KB44 KC4
Kawai X40D KB44 KC4
Kawai X50D KB44 KC4
Kawai X55 KB44 KC4
Kawai X65 KB44 KC4
Kawai Z1000 KB45 KC5
Ketron GP10 KB48S KC8
Ketron GP10A KB48 KC8
Ketron SD1 KB46 KC6
Ketron SD5 KB46 KC6
Ketron SX3000 KB46 KC6
Ketron Vega KB46 KC6
Ketron X1 KB46 KC6
Ketron X4 KBX4 KCX4
Ketron X8 KB46 KC6
Ketron XD3 KBX4 KCX4
Ketron XD9 KB46 KC6
Korg 01W KB45S KC5
Korg 01WPRO KB47S KC7
Korg BX3    
Korg C3200 KB48 KC8
Korg C6500 KB48 KC8
Korg CX3 KB46 KC6
Korg EC120 KB48 KC8
Korg EC150 KB48 KC8
Korg EC320 - -
Korg EC350 KB48 KC8
Korg FP100    
Korg K25 KB41  
Korg K49 KB43 KC3
Korg K61 KB44 KC4
Korg K61P KB44 KC4
Korg Karma KB46S KC6
Korg Kontrol 49 KB44 KC4
Korg Legacy    
Korg M1 KB45S KC5
Korg M3 61 KB45 KC5
Korg M3 73    
Korg M3 88    
Korg MS2000 KB44 KC4
Korg MS2000B KB44 KC4
Korg Micro Kontrol KB42 KC2
Korg Micro Korg KB42 KC2
Korg Micro X KB42 KC2
Korg N1 KB48 KC8
Korg N264 KB48S KC8
Korg N364 KB46S KC6
Korg N5 KB45S KC5
Korg NC300    
Korg NC500    
Korg O1WPROX ----- -----
Korg OASYS76 KB47 KC7
Korg OASYS88    
Korg PA1X KB46 KC6
Korg PA50 KB45 KC5
Korg PA60 KB46 KC6
Korg PA80 KB46 KC6
Korg PA800 KB46S KC6
Korg Prophecy KB43 KC3
Korg R3 KB42 KC2
Korg Radius KB44 KC4
Korg SG Prox KB48 KC8
Korg SG-1D KB48 KC8
Korg SP100 KB48S KC8
Korg SP200 KB48S KC8
Korg SP250 KB48 KC8
Korg SP300 KB48S KC8
Korg SP500 KB48S KC7
Korg STPROX    
Korg T1 ----- -----
Korg T2Ex KB47S KC7
Korg T3 KB45S KC5
Korg T3Ex KB45S KC5
Korg TR61 KB45S KC5
Korg TR76 KB47S KC7
Korg TR88    
Korg Trin.Plus KB46S KC6
Korg Trin.Pro KB48S KC8
Korg TrinV3PRO KB48S KC8
Korg Trinity KB46S KC5
Korg TrinityV3 KB46S KC6
Korg TrintyV3PX    
Korg Triton KB45S KC5
Korg Triton Extreme 61 KB46S KC6
Korg Triton Extreme 76 KB48S KC8
Korg Triton Extreme 88    
Korg Triton LE61 KB45S KC5
Korg Triton LE76 KB47S KC7
Korg Triton LE88    
Korg Triton Pro KB47S KC7
Korg Triton Studio - -
Korg Triton Studio 61 KB46 KC6
Korg Triton Studio 76 KB48 KC8
Korg Triton TR    
Korg TritonProX    
Korg WS KB45S KC5
Korg WavestnES KB45S KC4
Korg X2 KB48S KC8
Korg X3 KB45S KC5
Korg X5 KB44S KC4
Korg X50 KB44 KC4
Korg X5D KB44S KC4
Korg Z1 KB46S KC6
Korg i1   ----
Korg i2 KB48S KC8
Korg i3 KB46S KC6
Korg i30 KB46S KC6
Korg i4S KB47 KC7
Korg i5S KB45S KC5
Korg iS35 KB46 KC6
Korg iS40 KB46 KC6
Korg iS50 KB46 KC6
Korg iX300 KB46S KC6
Kurzweil K1200(76) KB47 KC7
Kurzweil K1200(88) KB48 KC8
Kurzweil K2000 KB46 KC6
Kurzweil K2500 KB47 KC7
Kurzweil K2600 KB47 KC7
Kurzweil K2661 KB44 KC4
Kurzweil PC161 KB44 KC4
Kurzweil PC1X KB48S KC8
Kurzweil PC2 KB47S KC7
Kurzweil PC2X KB48 KC8
Kurzweil PC88 KB48 KC8
Kurzweil SP76 KB47S KC7
Kurzweil SP88 KB48S KC8
Kurzweil SP88X KB48S KC8
LAG Le Key KB46S KC6
Lionstracs X76 KB46 KC6
M-Audio Axiom 25    
M-Audio Axiom 49 KB43 KC3
M-Audio Axiom 61 KB44 KC4
M-Audio Keyrig KB43 KC3
M-Audio Keystation 49E KB43 KC3
M-Audio Keystation 61E / ES KB45S KC5
M-Audio Keystation 88ES KB48S KC8
M-Audio Keystation PRO88 KB48 KC8
M-Audio Mid Air 25 KB41  
M-Audio Mid Air 37 KB42 KC2
M-Audio O2 KB41  
M-Audio Oxygen 49 KB43 KC3
M-Audio Oxygen 61 KB44 KC4
M-Audio Oxygen 8 KB42 KC2
M-Audio Ozone KB42 KC2
M-Audio Ozonic KB43 KC2
M-Audio ProKeys 88    
M-Audio ProKeys 88SX KB48S KC8
M-Audio Radium 49 KB43 KC3
M-Audio Radium 61 KB44S KC4
M-Audio Session Key Studio KB43 KC3
M-Audio eKeys KB42 KC2
M-Audio eKeys 37 KB41  
Moog Prodigy    
Nord Lead 2X KB43 KC3
Nord Lead C1 Organ KB45 KC5
Nord Lead Compact KB46S KC6
Nord Lead Electro 61 KB44S KC4
Nord Lead Electro 73 KB45S KC5
Nord Lead Electro2 KB46S KC6
Nord Lead Modular G2 KB43 KC3
Nord Lead NordLead2 KB43 KC3
Nord Lead NordLead3 KB43 KC3
Nord Lead Stage 76 KB46S KC6
Nord Lead Stage 88 KB48S KC8
Novation K Station    
Novation KS4 KB44 KC3
Novation KS5 KB45S KC5
Novation Nova II KB45S KC5
Novation Nova IIX KB45S KC5
Novation Nova IIXL KB45S KC5
Novation Remote 25    
Novation Remote 49 KB43 KC3
Novation Remote LE25 KB41  
Novation Remote LE49 KB43 KC3
Novation Remote LE61 KB44 KC4
Novation Remote SL25    
Novation Remote SL37 KB43 KC3
Novation Remote SL61 KB44 KC4
Novation X Station 25    
Novation X Station 49 KB43 KC3
Novation X Station 61 KB44 KC4
Novation X25    
Novation X49 KB43 KC3
Novation X61 KB44 KC4
Novation XIO Synth 25 KB41  
Novation XIO Synth 49 KB43 KC3
Oberheim MC1000(76) KB46S KC6
Oberheim OB3 KB47S KC7
Orla C100 KB47 KC7
Orla C11 KB48 KC8
Orla C33    
Orla C35 KB48S KC8
Orla C5 KB47 KC7
Orla C50D    
Orla C55D KB48S KC8
Orla C76 KB47 KC7
Orla C9 KB48 KC8
Orla CDP23    
Orla CH76 KB46S KC6
Orla CK300 KB47 KC7
Orla CK70 KB45 KC5
Orla DP Studio KB48 KC8
Orla KX1 KB44 KC4
Orla KX100 KB47 KC7
Orla KX2 KB44 KC4
Orla KX3 KB44 KC4
Orla KX400 KB45 KC5
Orla KX7 KB45 KC5
Orla KX900 KB45S KC5
Orla KX900 KB45S KC5
Orla PK400 KB46 KC6
Orla Stage 23 KB48 KC8
Orla Stage Partner KB48 KC8
Orla Stage Performer KB48 KC8
Orla XM200 KB44S KC4
Orla XM300 KB44S KC4
Peavey C8 ----- -----
Peavey DPM2 KB44 KC4
Peavey DPM3 KB45 KC5
Quaimidi Sirius KB44 KC4
Quasimidi Cyber-6 KB45 KC5
Quasimidi Nucleus KB45 KC5
Quasimidi Raven KB45 KC5
Quasimidi Variator KB45 KC5
Quickshot QS5836 KB43 KC3
Roland A30 KB47S KC7
Roland A33 KB47S KC7
Roland A37 KB47S KC7
Roland A50 KB47S KC7
Roland A70 KB47S KC7
Roland A80 KB48S KC8
Roland A90ex ----- -----
Roland AX1 KB45S KC5
Roland AX7 KB45S KC5
Roland C180 KB44 KC4
Roland D10 KB45S KC5
Roland D20 KB45S KC5
Roland D5 KB45S KC5
Roland D50 KB45S KC4
Roland D70 KB47S KC7
Roland DJ70 ------- ------
Roland DP900    
Roland Discover 5 KB47 KC7
Roland E09 KB45S KC5
Roland E100 KB45 KC5
Roland E12 KB45S KC5
Roland E14 KB45S KC5
Roland E15 KB44 KC4
Roland E16 KB44 KC4
Roland E20 KB45S KC5
Roland E28 KB44 KC4
Roland E30    
Roland E300 KB45S KC5
Roland E35 KB44 KC4
Roland E36 KB45S KC5
Roland E38 KB45S KC5
Roland E40/OR KB44 KC4
Roland E50 KB45S KC5
Roland E500 KB46 KC6
Roland E56 KB46 KC6
Roland E60 KB47 KC7
Roland E600 KB46 KC6
Roland E66 KB45S KC5
Roland E68 KB45S KC5
Roland E70 KB46 KC6
Roland E80 KB47 KC7
Roland E86 KB46 KC6
Roland E96 KB46 KC6
Roland EG101 KB44 KC4
Roland EM10 KB44 KC4
Roland EM15 KB44 KC4
Roland EM150R KB44 KC4
Roland EM20 KB44 KC4
Roland EM2000 KB46 KC6
Roland EM25 KB44 KC4
Roland EM30 KB45 KC5
Roland EM50 KB45 KC5
Roland EM50R KB45 KC5
Roland EM55 KB45 KC5
Roland EM550R KB45 KC5
Roland EP3 KB44 KC4
Roland EP5 KB44 KC4
Roland EP7 KB46S KC6
Roland EP7-IIe KB46S KC6
Roland EP75 KB46 KC6
Roland EP760 KB46 KC6
Roland EP77 KB46S KC6
Roland EP85 KB48 KC8
Roland EP95 -------- -------
Roland EP97 KB48 KC8
Roland EP9e KB48 KC8
Roland EXR3 KB45S KC5
Roland EXR3S KB45S KC5
Roland EXR40R KB45S KC5
Roland EXR46OR KB45S KC5
Roland EXR5 KB45S KC5
Roland EXR5S KB45S KC5
Roland EXR7 KB47 KC7
Roland EXR7S KB47 KC7
Roland F100 KB48S KC8
Roland F30 KB48S KC8
Roland F30E KB48S KC8
Roland F50 KB48S KC8
Roland F90 KB48S KC8
Roland FA76 KB47 KC7
Roland FP1 KB48 KC8
Roland FP2 KB48S KC8
Roland FP3 KB48S KC8
Roland FP4 KB48S KC8
Roland FP5 KB48S KC8
Roland FP7 KB48 KC8
Roland FP8 KB48 KC8
Roland FP9 KB48 KC8
Roland Fantom KB47 KC7
Roland Fantom S KB45S KC5
Roland Fantom S88    
Roland Fantom X6 KB45S KC5
Roland Fantom X7 KB47 KC7
Roland Fantom X8    
Roland Fantom XA KB45S KC5
Roland G1000 KB47 KC7
Roland G600 KB46 KC6
Roland G70 KB48 KC8
Roland G800 KB47 KC7
Roland GW7 KB45S KC5
Roland HP135    
Roland JD70 ----- -----
Roland JD800 KB45 KC5
Roland JP8000 KB44 KC4
Roland JV1000 KB47S KC7
Roland JV30 KB44 KC4
Roland JV35 KB45S KC5
Roland JV50 KB45S KC5
Roland JV80 KB45S KC5
Roland JV90 KB47S KC7
Roland JW50 KB45S KC5
Roland JX1 KB45S KC5
Roland JX305 KB45S KC5
Roland JX3P KB44 KC4
Roland Juno D KB45S KC5
Roland Juno G KB45S KC5
Roland Juno106 KB45S KC4
Roland Juno6 KB45S KC5
Roland KF7 KB48 KC8
Roland KF90 KB48 KC8
Roland KR100 KB47 KC7
Roland KR103    
Roland KR105    
Roland KR107    
Roland KR3000    
Roland KR33 KB46 KC6
Roland KR350 KB48 KC8
Roland KR370 ----- -----
Roland KR500 KB47 KC7
Roland KR55 KB46 KC6
Roland KR570 ------ -----
Roland KR650 KB48 KC8
Roland KR75    
Roland MP500BW KB48 KC8
Roland PC150 KB43 KC3
Roland PC180 KB43 KC3
Roland PC200 KB43 KC3
Roland PC200GS KB43 KC3
Roland PROE ------ ------
Roland RD100 KB48S KC8
Roland RD150 KB48S KC8
Roland RD170 KB48S KC8
Roland RD200 KB46 KC6
Roland RD250 KB47 KC7
Roland RD300 ----- -----
Roland RD300SX    
Roland RD500 ------ ------
Roland RD600 KB48 KC8
Roland RD700 KB48 KC8
Roland RD700SX    
Roland RS5 KB45S KC5
Roland RS50 KB45S KC5
Roland RS70 KB45S KC5
Roland RS9    
Roland RS9    
Roland SH201 KB44 KC4
Roland SK50 KB44 KC4
Roland U20 KB45S KC4
Roland V Synth KB45 KC5
Roland V Synth GT KB45 KC5
Roland VA3 KB45 KC5
Roland VA5 KB47 KC6
Roland VA7 KB47 KC6
Roland VA76 KB47 KC7
Roland VK1000 ------- -------
Roland VK7 KB46S KC6
Roland VK77    
Roland VK8 KB46S KC6
Roland VK88    
Roland VP550 KB44 KC4
Roland VR760 KB48 KC7
Roland VX77    
Roland Vima RK100 KB46 KC6
Roland Vima RK500    
Roland W30 KB45S KC5
Roland XP10 KB45S KC5
Roland XP30 KB45S KC5
Roland XP50 KB45S KC5
Roland XP60 KB45S KC5
Roland XP80 KB47S KC7
Roland XV88 KB48 ? KC8 ?
Solton MS100 KB47 KC7
Solton MS5 KB45S KC5
Solton MS50 KB46S KC6
Solton MS60 KB46S KC6
Solton SD1 KB46 KC6
Solton SG1 KB46 KC6
Solton TS3K ----- -----
Solton X1 KB46 KC6
Solton X4 KBX4 KCX4
Solton X8 KB46 KC6
Technics KC200 KB44 KC4
Technics KC211 KB44 KC4
Technics KC600 KB44 KC4
Technics KC611 KB44 KC4
Technics KN1000 KB45 KC5
Technics KN1200 KB45 KC5
Technics KN1400 KB45 KC5
Technics KN1500 KB45 KC5
Technics KN1600 KB45 KC5
Technics KN200 KB44 KC4
Technics KN2000 KB45 KC5
Technics KN220 KB44 KC4
Technics KN2400 KB45 KC5
Technics KN2600 KB45 KC5
Technics KN300 KB44 KC4
Technics KN3000 KB45 KC5
Technics KN3500 KB45 KC5
Technics KN400 KB44 KC4
Technics KN440 KB44 KC4
Technics KN470 KB44 KC4
Technics KN500 KB44 KC4
Technics KN5000 KB45 KC5
Technics KN501 KB45S KC5
Technics KN550 KB44 KC4
Technics KN570 KB44 KC4
Technics KN600 KB45S KC5
Technics KN6000 KB45 KC5
Technics KN650 KB44 KC4
Technics KN6500 KB45 KC5
Technics KN700 KB44 KC4
Technics KN7000 KB46 KC6
Technics KN701 KB45S KC5
Technics KN720 KB45 KC5
Technics KN750 KB44 KC4
Technics KN770 KB45 KC5
Technics KN800 KB45S KC5
Technics KN901 KB45S KC5
Technics KN920 KB45 KC5
Technics KN930 KB45 KC5
Technics MB100 KB44 KC4
Technics NP10    
Technics P30 KB48S KC8
Technics P50 KB48S KC8
Technics PC12 KB48 KC8
Technics PC25 KB48 KC8
Technics PC26 KB48 KC8
Technics PC8 KB48 KC8
Technics PR100 KB47 KC7
Technics PR110 KB47 KC7
Technics PR51    
Technics PR53    
Technics PR53/M    
Technics PR603/M    
Technics PR703/M    
Technics PX201/M KB48 KC8
Technics PX203/M    
Technics PX662    
Technics PX664    
Technics PX665    
Technics SP30 KB48S KC8
Technics WSA1 KB45S KC5
Terratec Area 61    
Wersi KF2D KB46S KC6
Wersi Pegasus KB46 KC6
Wersi Performer ------ ------
Yamaha AN1X KB44 KC4
Yamaha CBX-K1XG KB42 KC2
Yamaha CBX-K2 KB43 KC3
Yamaha CLP152S KB47 KC7
Yamaha CLP153S KB48 KC8
Yamaha CLP80 KB48 KC8
Yamaha CP300 KB48 KC8
Yamaha CP33 KB48S KC8
Yamaha CS1X KB44 KC4
Yamaha CS2X KB44 KC4
Yamaha CS6X KB45 KC5
Yamaha CVP65    
Yamaha DD14 ------ ------
Yamaha DD35    
Yamaha DD50    
Yamaha DD55    
Yamaha DD9    
Yamaha DGX200 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX202 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX203 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX205 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX220 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX300 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX305 KB46 KC6
Yamaha DGX500 KB48 KC8
Yamaha DGX505 KB48 KC8
Yamaha DGX520 KB48 KC8
Yamaha DGX620 KB48 KC8
Yamaha DJX KB44 KC4
Yamaha DJXII KB44 KC4
Yamaha DSR1000 KB45S KC5
Yamaha DSR2000 KB45S KC5
Yamaha DSR3000 KB45S KC5
Yamaha DSR500 KB45S KC4
Yamaha DX11 KB44 KC4
Yamaha DX21 KB44S KC4
Yamaha DX7 KB45S KC4
Yamaha E200 KB44 KC4
Yamaha EX5 KB47 KC7
Yamaha EX7 KB46 KC6
Yamaha EZ150 KB44 KC4
Yamaha EZ20 KB44 KC4
Yamaha EZ250i KB44 KC4
Yamaha EZ30 KB44 KC4
Yamaha EZAG KB44 KC4
Yamaha KX88 ------ ------
Yamaha MM6 KB44 KC4
Yamaha MO6 KB45 KC5
Yamaha MO8 KB48 KC8
Yamaha MOTIV ES6 KB45 KC5
Yamaha MOTIV ES7 KB47 KC7
Yamaha MOTIV ES8    
Yamaha MOTIV6 KB45 KC5
Yamaha MOTIV7 KB47 KC7
Yamaha MOTIV8    
Yamaha Motiv 8    
Yamaha Motiv XS6 KB45 KC5
Yamaha Motiv XS7 KB47 KC7
Yamaha Motiv XS8    
Yamaha NP30 KB47S KC7
Yamaha P120 KB48S KC8
Yamaha P120S KB48S KC8
Yamaha P140 KB48S KC8
Yamaha P140S KB48S KC8
Yamaha P150 KB48 KC8
Yamaha P200 KB48 KC8
Yamaha P250 KB48 KC8
Yamaha P300 KB48 KC8
Yamaha P500 ----- -----
Yamaha P60 KB48S KC8
Yamaha P60S KB48S KC8
Yamaha P70 KB48S KC8
Yamaha P70S KB48S KC8
Yamaha P80 KB48S KC8
Yamaha P90 KB48S KC8
Yamaha PDP100 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PDP400 KB48 KC8
Yamaha PF10    
Yamaha PF1000    
Yamaha PF500    
Yamaha PF85 KB48 KC8
Yamaha PFP100 KB48 KC8
Yamaha PSR100 KB44S KC4
Yamaha PSR1000 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR110 KB44S KC4
Yamaha PSR1100 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR125 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR140 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR150 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR1500 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR16 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR160 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR170 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR1700 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR172 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR175 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR18 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR180 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR185 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR19 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR190 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR195 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR2 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR200 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR2000 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR202 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR206 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR210 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR2100 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR215 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR220 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR225 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR225GM KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR230 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR240 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR248 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR2500 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSR260 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR262 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR270 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR2700 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR273 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR275 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR28 KB45S KC4
Yamaha PSR280 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR282 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR290 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR292 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR293 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR295 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR3 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR300 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR3000 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR310 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR320 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR330 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR340 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR350 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR350 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR3500 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSR36 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR38 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR400 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR4000 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR410 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR420 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR450 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR4500 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSR4600 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSR48 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR500 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR510 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR520 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR530 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR540 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR550 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR5700 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR6 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR600 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR6000 KB46 KC6
Yamaha PSR620 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR630 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR6300 KB47S KC7
Yamaha PSR640 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR6700 KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSR70 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR70 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR7000 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR720 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR73 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR730 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR74 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR740 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR75 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR76 KB44S KC4
Yamaha PSR77 KB44S KC4
Yamaha PSR78 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR79 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR8 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSR80 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR8000 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSR82 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR83 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR84 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR85 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR90 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSR9000 KB46 KC6
Yamaha PSR9000Pro KB47 KC7
Yamaha PSRA1000 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRA3 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRA300 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRE203 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRE213 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRE303 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRE313 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRE403 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRGX76 KB47 KC6
Yamaha PSRK1 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSROR700 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSRS500 KB44 KC4
Yamaha PSRS700 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSRS900 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSRSQ16 KB45 KC5
Yamaha PSS101 KB41 ----
Yamaha PSS102 KB41 ----
Yamaha PSS103 ---- ----
Yamaha PSS104 ------ ------
Yamaha PSS11 KB41 ----
Yamaha PSS12 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS14 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS15 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS16 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS190 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS20 KB41 ----
Yamaha PSS21 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS26 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS280 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS290 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS31 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS390 KB42 KC2
Yamaha PSS50 KB41 ---
Yamaha PSS51 ---- -----
Yamaha PSS590 ----- --------
Yamaha PSS595 ------ -----
Yamaha PSS6 KB41 ----
Yamaha PSS680 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS7 -------- -------
Yamaha PSS760 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS780 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS790 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS795 KB43 KC3
Yamaha PSS9 KB41  
Yamaha QS300 KB46 KC6
Yamaha S30 KB45 KC5
Yamaha S500 KB44 KC4
Yamaha S500 KB44 KC4
Yamaha S80 KB48 KC8
Yamaha S90 KB48 KC8
Yamaha S90ES    
Yamaha SO3 KB44S KC4
Yamaha SO3SL KB44S KC4
Yamaha SO8 KB48 KC8
Yamaha SY22 KB44 KC4
Yamaha SY35 KB44 KC4
Yamaha SY55 KB44 KC4
Yamaha SY77 KB45 KC5
Yamaha SY85 KB45 KC5
Yamaha SY99 KB47 KC7
Yamaha Tyros KB46 KC6
Yamaha Tyros 2 KB46 KC6
Yamaha V50 KB45S KC4
Yamaha VL1 KB44 KC4
Yamaha VL7 KB44 KC4
Yamaha W5 KB48 KC8
Yamaha W7 KB46 KC6
Yamaha YDP101S - -
Yamaha YDP113 KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP121    
Yamaha YDP123 KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP131 KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP131C KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP151 KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP151C KB48 KC8
Yamaha YDP223    
Yamaha YFP70 KB46 KC6
Yamaha YPP100 KB46 KC6
Yamaha YPP15 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPP200 KB48 KC8
Yamaha YPP35 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPP45 KB47 KC7
Yamaha YPP50 KB46 KC6
Yamaha YPP55 KB47 KC7
Yamaha YPR20 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPR30 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPR50 KB47 KC7
Yamaha YPR7 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPR9 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPT200 KB44 KC4
Yamaha YPT300 KB44 KC4
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