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Metronome - Traditional Black Metronome - Traditional Black
Stylish and distinctive, this is one seriously eye-catching metronome, encased in a smooth curved traditional black body.

Highly practical, the metronome has a range of 40 - 208bpm. Winding clockwork mechanism means this unit requires no batteries!

Adjustable bell that can be set to chime marking 2, 3, 4 or 6 beats.

These are sturdy and reliable metronomes that will ensure you always

play perfectly in time, bang on the beat or right on the money!

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Price: 27.99

Metronome - Clip On Metronome - Clip On
The Pure Tone digital metronome has a range of 30 to 250 beats per minute. You can select different beats and rhythms, and the unit features a small speaker that plays a higher tone on the first beat of each bar to help keep you in time. The volume can be adjusted to suit, and using the included clip you can attach this to a music stand or to the end of an instrument. Alternatively it will sit quite happily on a table.

Also features a clock and triplet rhythms.

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Price: 9.99

Mini Metronome - Clip On Mini Metronome - Clip On
Clip-on mini metronome pitch and clock with integral speaker.

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Price: 5.99

The Music People | Accessories |  Metronomes

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