Universal Volume/Expression PedalUniversal Volume/Expression Pedal
Volume / Expression pedal for use with electronic keyboards. It has the addition of a polarity switch (inversion) making it universally compatible with most makes of popular keyboards.

Suitable for Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil and Ensoniq.

Metal based making this more sturdy than the plastic equivalent pedals.

Complete with 1.88 metre long fitted cable and 1/4" stereo jack plug.

QuikLok pedals are rugged, long-lasting and high-quality accessories for your equipment.

Designed to work with six major brands & more.

Manufacturered in tough and durable ABS.

The base plate is made from very heavy shielded (to minimize interference) sheet metal . This gives the pedal extra weight and combined with the anti-slip feet, prevents the unit from sliding whilst in use.