Amazing PhrasingAmazing Phrasing

Amazing Phrasing is for any keyboard player interested in learning how to improvise and how to improve their creative phrasing. This method is divided into three parts.


From scales to arpeggios, from using licks, riffs, and runs to playing "outside," this section focuses on melodic strategies for improvisation. Wondering what to do with your right hand when it's time for you to take the lead? Not sure how to build a solo from start to finish? Here's where to begin.


Whether comping or soloing, harmony is essential to improvisation, and this section covers it. Need to harmonize a melody in your right hand? Want to learn to comp with your left hand while soloing with your right? Need some common chord progressions to practice? How about some two-handed voicings for your combo playing? Want to add chord extensions or create a bass line?

Rhythm and Style

Swing, laying back, shaping your phrases with accents...this last section puts the finishing touches on your improvisational technique. You'll learn approaches to working with and around other musicians, and you'll practice comping and soloing over progressions in various styles - from rock to bossa nova to swing to bebop.

Contents includes chapters on :-

Accents Within Phrases

An Attitude Of Confidence



Be Tasteful

Bossa Nova

Building A Solo

Chromatic Passing Chords

Chromatic Pickups

Chromatic Side-slipping

Classical (Theme And Variations)

Combo Voicings

Common Tones

Crazy Lyrics

Extra Chords

Harmonizing With Chord Tones


Jazz Waltz

Laying Back

Left-hand Rhythms

Licks, Riffs, And Runs

Melodic Embellishment


Playing For Dancers

Playing Outside

Quartal Chord Voiings

Rhythm And Style

Rhythmic Displacement



Scale Accents

Slow And Bluesy

Solo Voicings

Soloing Melodically

Spread Chords

Sus Chord


The "Other" Blues Scale

The Bass Line

The Blues Scale

The Dorian Scale

The I-vi-ii-v Progression

The Major Scale

The Mixolydian Scale

The Scale/Chord Approach

The Swing Thing

Thirds And Sixths


Up-tempo Jazz And Bebop

When Adding Extensions Doesn't Work

Working With Guitarists

Working With Singers

Working Without A Bassist