Wedding Miscellany - An Album Of Organ PiecesWedding Miscellany - An Album Of Organ Pieces
Many of the pieces featured are suitable for a variety of occasions, or simply as regal celebratory concert solos.

Contents / Song list

Air (Overture In D BWV.1068) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]

Trumpet Tune [Purcell, Henry]

Theme (Symphony No.1) [Brahms, Johannes]

Interlude [Naylor, Peter]

St Anthony Chorale [Haydn, Franz Joseph]

Arioso [Ratcliffe, Desmond]

Minuet Nuptiale [Lemare, Edwin]

Melody [Hollins, Alfred]

Flourish For A Wedding [Dalby, Martin]

Mr Purcell's Wedding March [Cook, John]

Carillon [Dickinson, Peter]

Celtic Melody [O'Connor-Morris, G]