Left Hand Counter MelodyLeft Hand Counter Melody
This book is intended to help those who want to play a much more adventurous left hand. It is aimed mostly at the home organist, who will be using pedals as well, but of course you can gain a lot from the this book if you play keyboards.

Peter explains what counter-melody is, and how to achieve it, starting with basic left hand technique, moving on to which notes to choose for the counter-melody and showing you different styles of counter-melody.

The Skye Boat Song is presented in two styles - firstly without countermelody, and then with.

Santa Lucia, Cielto Lindo and The Marine's Hymn follow with full countermelodies written out, illustrating all the tips and hints which Peter explains in the preceding pages.

This 20 page book is clearly written in understandable English. The music is in easy to read, clear, good-sized print. It really will help you to 'play better'!