Open HarmonyOpen Harmony
Peter writes:

"Open harmony is the art of sharing harmony notes between the two hands, so sparingly that the left hand only normally plays one note at a time. This has the effect of splitting the harmony wide apart, allowing it to be heard to much better effect as, unlike music played in full block chords with one or both hands, music played in Open-Harmony is so much cleaner and clearer, so enhancing both harmony and melody alike."

Peter then goes on to show in very clear detail exactly how to achieve this. He takes the player through several steps, culminating in full arrangements to be played of:

Ye Banks And Braes

The Londonderry Air

La Golondrina

Maori Farewell

Cockles and Mussels

This 20 page book is clearly written in understandable English. The music is in easy to read, clear, good-sized print. It really will help you to 'play better'!