A Collection Of ChordsA Collection Of Chords
Peter writes:

"During my time as a teacher and a writer, I have received literally hundreds of letters on the question of chord symbols. It would seem that the great majority, certainly of those of you who take up music on your retirement, are learning to play using chord symbols as a quick and convenient way to achieve some pretty good left hand accompaniment.

From conversations with home players, I have found that many of you tend to stay with the more basic symbols such as majors and minors, with perhaps the occasional sixth or seventh chord added when you can. However, from those same discussions came the fact that a list of more adventurous, fuller chords would always prove useful, as you strive to add these chords to your arrangements.

So I thought is would be a good idea to bring you my own Collection Of Chords........."

Peter illustrates how to make basic chords, then how to make them so much better with ones such as major ninths, flattened ninths, suspended chords, and so on. He tells you all about choosing the right inversion. It's all very easy to follow. Then Peter gives you a twelve page set of chord diagrams for quick and handy reference.

Whilst Peter refers to pedals throughout this book, it would still be useful if you are a keyboard player.

This 20 page book is clearly written in understandable English. The music is in easy to read, clear, good-sized print. It really will help you to 'play better'!