How To Create Your Own IntroductionsHow To Create Your Own Introductions
Peter writes:

"Starting a piece of music without an Introduction is a bit like beginning a fairy story without the magic words - 'Once Upon A Time' - The introduction sets the scene, the mood, and makes the listener feel at ease and ready to listen.

Now, of course, just about every organ, keyboard and digital piano carries a whole collection of ready made, factory-programmed, automatic intros: no need for you to do anything except push a button, and sit there with your arms folded, waiting to start.

The only problems here are:

1. If you always use auto-intros, then you must play every tune using auto-backings and rhythms, because auto-intros are nearly always dependent on automatic rhythm groups.

2. Your friends, who own the same instrument as you, know full well that you are using a pre-programmed, auto-intro, because they all use them too and quite honestly ....... the repetition of the same, predictable factory introduction is becoming just a little tedious.

It's time to stand out from the crowd! - and to give yourself and your friends the satisfaction of playing and hearing your own, personal, home-made introductions. They may not be as intricate and 'busy' as the automatic ones .... but sometimes that can be a very good thing!"

This book is packed full of tips and practical guidelines to help you work out musical and appropriate intros. Peter looks at melody and harmony, and timing - talks about the circle of 5ths, gives you great chord progressions for intros, and some fun ideas.

This 20 page book is clearly written in understandable English. The music is in easy to read, clear, good-sized print. It really will help you to 'play better'!