Easier And SmootherEasier And Smoother
'Easier and Smoother' is a very good title for this book. It is packed with hints and tips on reading music and playing music more easily and more smoothly.

Part 1 describes 'short-cuts' to recognising and constructing 'difficult' chords (such as 9ths, 11th etc). Part 2 talks about how a pro musician actually reads music - not by reading and playing each note as an individual, but by recognising patterns and shapes in the music. Peter very clearly illustrates his examples with diagrams and pictures.

Part 3 moves on to smoother chord progressions, by understanding inversions of chords and how best to move from one to another in the left or right hand. It explains the circle of 5ths in a practical way.

Part 4 explains how to move smoothly and easily from one key to another (modulations!)

Part 5 is called 'Express Yourself' and deals with practical details about using the volume pedal smoothly and accurately (and musically!)

Part 6 sees a clearly illustrated explanation of the 'route-map' signs found in music, to help you in your smooth playing of new pieces.

Part 7 gives you some very practical registration ideas, on how to set your instrument for ease of play and smooth changes during your performance. These practical tips are invaluable.

This 20 page book is clearly written in understandable English. The music is in easy to read, clear, good-sized print. It really will help you to 'play better'!